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  1. Introducing... Forum Fridays!

    Hey folks! is growing. And fast. Of course, none of this would be possible without your support. So I figured it was time to thank you guys for all that wonderful support, and also to hopefully dispel some of the rumors that I'm an unbearable tyrant that hates everything, and everyone.

    I also want my writing staff to start interacting with the readers more, so I came ...
  2. Sex. And why games need it.


    Just that word alone is enough to send some into a titillated frenzy of obscene thoughts, and immature meanderings. For those who have experienced it, it represents fun, pleasure, exploration, and in many instances, love. For those who haven't, sex is the ultimate mystery, and for some the pinnacle of self conquest. Sex is a powerful thing, and ultimately is ...
  3. Alpha Protocol Review

    This past year has been a frustrating exercise in expectation control. I have had to constantly lower my expectations, or posthumously accept the sinking realization that almost none of them are going to be met. With the exception of a few isolated experiences there hasn't been a game this year that has blown me away, and made me remember why I spend so much time in virtual worlds to begin ...

    Updated 11-09-10 at 10:09 by SteveSawyer

  4. Zombie Driver Review

    Driving and I have a checkered past. I don't much care to do it, and if and when I do, I have to put up with Los Angeles as the setting to do so. It's an infuriating, and terrifying experience to say the least. But I can imagine that the experience of driving would be so much better if I got to mercilessly plow through zombies whenever I got behind the wheel. And there hasn't been ...

    I really felt the need to post this, as I have gone through 6 months of the worst customer care, and service at the hands of

    It all started when I purchased a PNY Graphics card from their Ebay store for a litttle less than what I would have paid in a store, or on other site... what seemed like a good deal at first quickly escalated to a nightmare, with the card failing within three months. I tried to get PNY to issue an RMA, but they would not without a manufacturer's ...
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