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  1. Dawn of War 2 Gold Review

    If there is one thing that I am grateful for, it is the extraordinary commercial success that the Warhammer franchise has cultivated in the last decade. Without fail, every Warhammer game that succeeds a previous title incorporates so many lessons learned, and so many great evolved ideas, that it's honestly surprising that the franchise itself isn't more well known. Case in point is the ...
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  2. Fallout New Vegas

    I'm going to level with you right now, this isn't a review, hence the lack of “Review” in the title. This is simply me writing about Fallout New Vegas. If you want a standard cookie cutter “Review” you should be prepared for disappointment. When I sat down to finally write about Fallout New Vegas, I was faced with the reality that I was doing so long after most people have let ...

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  3. Fort Zombie Review

    How does something like Fort Zombie pass inspection? How does someone playtest something like this and say to themselves “yes, this game has reached the appropriate level of polish necessary for me to say that this game is fit for public consumption”? I want to know how it's possible, and who made it possible for a game like Fort Zombie to get made. But beyond that I want ...
  4. Alpha Protocol Review

    This past year has been a frustrating exercise in expectation control. I have had to constantly lower my expectations, or posthumously accept the sinking realization that almost none of them are going to be met. With the exception of a few isolated experiences there hasn't been a game this year that has blown me away, and made me remember why I spend so much time in virtual worlds to begin ...

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