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  1. Front Mission Evolved Review

    It didn't take much to get me interested in Front Mission Evolved. I was a huge Mechwarrior nut as a kid, and I may have been one of the few that played through almost every Armored Core game known to man with my younger brother, and both Zone of the Enders games. And don't even get me started on all the fond memories I have of Mech Assault and Mech Assault 2. In other words, ...

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  2. Dawn of War 2 Gold Review

    If there is one thing that I am grateful for, it is the extraordinary commercial success that the Warhammer franchise has cultivated in the last decade. Without fail, every Warhammer game that succeeds a previous title incorporates so many lessons learned, and so many great evolved ideas, that it's honestly surprising that the franchise itself isn't more well known. Case in point is the ...
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  3. Worms Reloaded Review

    I really want to dive into some flowery introduction that's so full of prose and procrastination that it's disgusting. I say this only because I want to try and avoid saying that I have a problem with a Worms game, but ultimately that's the crux of this review. I suppose I tried to stifle those feelings out of self preservation. A need to keep something that once seemed so sacred ...

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  4. Beat Hazard Review

    I love music games, and rhythm games quite a bit. Though I'm not the biggest fan of the Guitar Hero or Rock Band experience when it pertains to music based video games. If anything I am a much bigger champion of quirky games like Rez and Audiosurf which feature deceptively deep gameplay, intricately blending beat synchronized gameplay and point linking that's about as ...

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  5. Audiosurf Review

    When I was a kid I played a lot of Super Nintendo. Super Nintendo played a host to some of my favorite childhood summer time distractions, that came in the form of classics like Star Fox, Chrono Trigger, and of course Super Metroid. But one of my favorite games of all time in the history of anything ever created, called the Super Nintendo it’s home. And that game was F-Zero. Everything ...

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