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  1. Left 4 Dead 2: The Passsing Retrospective

    Valve released the runaway success Left 4 Dead in 2008, and then in a completely unexpected move, released a full fledged sequel to the popular shooter in 2009 with Left 4 Dead 2. Surprisingly the initial response to the announcement of the sequel was a little less than embracing. Valve, a company that had generated a reputation for long in house development times, between sequels, (as ...

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  2. Steve plays Just Cause 2, ya know... just cause.

    So you're out for a drive in your red convertible, and you accidentally blow through a military checkpoint. Instead of pulling over, you decide: "Screw it!" and slam on the gas pedal. Suddenly a military jeep is behind you and they look pissed. You pull out your two pistols, load one in each hand, and leap onto the hood of your car. It's precarious, but from this moving perch you ...

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  3. Steve falls in love with Sonic again.

    The simplest things in life often bring the most pleasure.

    Thank God that someone at Sega finally realized the magnitude of that statement as it pertains to Sonic The Hedgehog. For years, Sega has tried, (woefully at that) to take Sonic into the world of 3D much like Nintendo, with their own flagship mascots. But where Mario, and Zelda have thrived in the world of 3D. Sonic hasn't fared so well. ...

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  4. Steve watches Halo Legends!

    Halo Legends.

    If you are living and breathing today, chances are you’ve heard of the insanely popular video game franchise that is Halo. What originally started as a top secret Mac exclusive title, Halo has become one of the most lucrative investments in gaming history. Spawning two direct sequels, three spin off titles, and propelling two separate generations of Microsoft ...

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  5. Splatterhouse makes Steve angry!

    I got some hands on time with one of my old school favorites of all time. Splatterhouse.

    The problems began as soon as my fingers touched the controller. It's no secret that Splatterhouse has been a game of troubled development. With over three years in the can, and an equal number of developers the game has definitely seen it's share of ups, and downs. But you would think that 3 years in the pipe would ...

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