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  1. Fallout New Vegas

    I'm going to level with you right now, this isn't a review, hence the lack of “Review” in the title. This is simply me writing about Fallout New Vegas. If you want a standard cookie cutter “Review” you should be prepared for disappointment. When I sat down to finally write about Fallout New Vegas, I was faced with the reality that I was doing so long after most people have let loose ...

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  2. On the subject of Journalism... Pt. II

    So my post about journalism last week seemed to have hit a nerve with gamers. So much so, that I felt I needed to write a quick follow up to my own editorial. Last week I touched on a lot of issues within the gaming journalism universe, but because of my love of keeping things brief, I didn't really deal with any one thing as deeply as I may have needed to. So what follows is my pithy attempt to explain myself a bit more clearly, and to try and bring some reason to the insanity I have created. ...
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  3. On the subject of Journalism...

    I want you to read that. I want you to read every single word of it, and when you're done, I want you to come back to this page ready to listen.

    I want to preface this by saying that not only is this one of those editorials that isn't going to win me any friends, I may very well run the risk of losing some of the friends I have. But I feel compelled ...

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  4. Fort Zombie Review

    How does something like Fort Zombie pass inspection? How does someone playtest something like this and say to themselves “yes, this game has reached the appropriate level of polish necessary for me to say that this game is fit for public consumption”? I want to know how it's possible, and who made it possible for a game like Fort Zombie to get made. But beyond that I want ...
  5. Left 4 Dead 2: The Passsing Retrospective

    Valve released the runaway success Left 4 Dead in 2008, and then in a completely unexpected move, released a full fledged sequel to the popular shooter in 2009 with Left 4 Dead 2. Surprisingly the initial response to the announcement of the sequel was a little less than embracing. Valve, a company that had generated a reputation for long in house development times, between sequels, (as ...

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