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  1. Breaking news! Valve now steals! (Updated! 11-17-10)


    (Scroll to the bottom for the latest update.)

    You know, for a company that likes to pride itself on supporting it's community and fans it's pretty sad that they had to rip off a small time Etsy designer through the incredibly lame, and still-not-thinkgeek gaming gear merchandise site, for something as ...
  2. Open Call: WRITERS WANTED!

    Are you a PC games fanatic?
    Do you speak Japanese or Korean? (not required, unless you are interested in covering foreign games.)
    Are you local to Los Angeles? (REQUIRED)
    Do you want to write for

    Well then I want to hear from you! I have a couple of positions open, and would love to start receiving submissions.


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  3. Dawn of War 2 Gold Review

    If there is one thing that I am grateful for, it is the extraordinary commercial success that the Warhammer franchise has cultivated in the last decade. Without fail, every Warhammer game that succeeds a previous title incorporates so many lessons learned, and so many great evolved ideas, that it's honestly surprising that the franchise itself isn't more well known. Case in point is the ...
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  4. Most Overrated Game Franchises of All Time

    The Most Overrated Franchises of All Time

    A story, by Steve Sawyer

    Everyone has their favorite anything. Favorite food, favorite music, favorite method of hiding contraband for border excursions into other countries, etc, etc. And games are no exception. Everyone has a favorite game, or a favorite franchise. Some of these franchises are the favorites of so many that they become declarations of greatness unto themselves with every subsequent release that follows. But ...

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  5. Sabotage!: How EA killed The Saboteur.

    After playing The Saboteur, I can safely say one thing. EA sent this game out to die. There is simply no other explanation why something that is dripping with so much atmosphere, innovation, and quality managed to slip so far under the radar that I hadn't heard of it until a year after it's release. It seemed like the ultimate last slap in the face for Pandemic... a studio that had managed ...

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