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  1. These 5 games are HORRIBLE!

    Have you ever loaded up what you think is going to be the most groundbreaking, revolutionary piece of gaming software ever committed to the medium, only to find out that the game you just picked, is filled with more bugs than a 3 week old bloated deer carcass? It's happened to the best of us, and if you're anything like me, the experience can be enough to throw you into a sheer frenzy of caffeine fueled controller smashing, vengeance. The following 5 games are not only buggy, but they are so buggy, ...

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  2. Steve previews APB as a filthy criminal!

    While I was at E3 I had the opportunity to briefly talk to the people responsible for one of my most anticipated titles this year. All Points Bulletin, or simply APB. It's a little tough to describe APB at first, simply because the game at first glance almost simply looks like another Grand Theft Auto clone with the distinction of being online, but if you left it at that, you would be dismissing a ...

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  3. NBA Jam is on FIRE! (Steve holds out hope for a Mutant League Remake)

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    That seems to be the mantra behind the upcoming NBA Jam reboot. With an incredible selection of teams, crazy good old school action, and insanely slick controls for the Wii, this game is going to be a slam dunk. I managed to get my grimy little paws on this bad boy, and I am happy to say, that this is a reboot that has fared a much better treatment than some of it's colleagues. It brought a certain indescribable joy to my heart to see giant headed NBA stars ...

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  4. Splatterhouse makes Steve angry!

    I got some hands on time with one of my old school favorites of all time. Splatterhouse.

    The problems began as soon as my fingers touched the controller. It's no secret that Splatterhouse has been a game of troubled development. With over three years in the can, and an equal number of developers the game has definitely seen it's share of ups, and downs. But you would think that 3 years in the pipe would ...

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  5. StarCraft 2 Multiplayer Preview!

    It’s been over a decade since StarCraft was released, but that has done absolutely nothing to diminish the games overwhelming popularity among PC gamers. Quite the contrary is true, with professional multiplayer leagues still in existence, and the most popular of the matches being televised in places like South Korea, where the game is considered a cyber sport. However the game’s developers Blizzard Entertainment, are no strangers to intense fan support, with close to 11.5 million users ...

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