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  1. 3-D Gaming: Really the way of the future?

    In the late seventies and early eighties, the world of cinema entered a world of three dimensions. Thankfully, that window was closed quickly, and the fad ended. Fast forward to 2009. Avatar comes out with a huge amount of buzz (and mediocre script) and the 3-D craze sweeps the nation. Every major motion picture (and even some minor) are now given the option to put on the glasses and get shit shoved in your face.

    This E3 has shown us that 3D is obviously an up and coming trend that ...
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  2. The Summer Lull

    June. For many, it's a wonderful time, a time of vacations and no homework, beaches and slumber parties. For gamers it's many of these things as well but it's also the beginning of a slump. Summer is notorious for being incredibly slow in the way of games hitting the market. We get E3 to pump us up about all of these games that come out...WHAT?! WHEN!? Next fucking year? Oh god. Well what do I do now. Guess I'll go buy some new games. What's new? Transformers? Okay, that's not terrible. Crackdown ...
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  3. Is Retro Gaming The Way of the Future?

    After three days of E3 and the last day here, I think an interesting trend has been seen, recurring and (personally) welcomed. Retro gaming is coming back with a vengeance. Now I may not mean retro in the traditional sense of the word but it's easy to see that games are drawing inspiration from the Golden Age of Gaming.

    Even though with every E3 and every TGS and every other little expo we get a little farther into the future, we've taken a few steps back this year. But in a good ...
  4. E3: Every Dog Has Its Day

    So with two days of E3 behind us, let's look at how we're fairing so far. Microsoft underwhelmed us with some interesting but ultimately boring footage of Kinect and didn't really give us any meat to gnaw on. Sure, Kinect is cool, but you know what's cooler? Games. That's why I bought the damn system.

    So Nintendo and Sony went today. I have to say, I got excited. I felt that little nervous twinge of anticipation, counting down release dates, looking forward to video game play. Let's ...
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  5. E3: Worth The Excitement?

    It's June. Summer time. It's easy to recall being a child and awaiting summer because it meant something amazing for everyone who visits this site: playing video games all summer long.

    Now, later in life, it's still important to us as gamers. It's when nerds and news reporters and developers gather at a psuedo mecca for the gaming culture. That's right boys and girls: it's E3.

    E3 is basically the most looked forward to event of the year for gamers barring the release ...
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