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  1. SteveSawyer's Avatar
    I know my summer is going to be eaten alive by APB, and StarCraft 2.
  2. GameGavel's Avatar
    This is true. I have to catch up on tons of games before I can even think of buying anything new. And there are plenty of new games that I need to get like Uncharted 2 & SM Galaxy 2. But need to finish the first two games before I even get to those. So I have plenty to play while waiting for the holiday blast.
  3. ryanscribbles's Avatar
    And yes! I did hear of the new Bonk game. I believe I saw something about it in Nintendo Power. It's called Bonk: Brink of Extinction and it's going to come out on WiiWare, XBL, and the PSN. The plot has something to do with a comet headed towards Earth and Bonk trying to stop it.

    Should be cool. And yeah, Twisted Metal is going to be dope.
  4. GameGavel's Avatar
    Great blog Ryan! It did seem that "retro" inspired titles were all over the place at E3 this year. I certainly noticed it. It was also funny, when I was driving away from the convention center the other day I drove by a Hudson Truck hauling a large trailer that was all decked out in graphics promoting a new Bonks Adventure game. But when I hit up Hudson on the show floor no mention of it? Did you happen to come across anything regarding a new Bonks Game? That will be great I hope. I also noticed that someone has brought Battle Chess back. It was being shown on a PS3 so that will def be a pickup for me when it comes out. I've always loved me some Battle Chess! And I will also be picking up probably most of the 3DS launch titles including of course, Kid Icarus. And DKC is a no-brainer for me. That was the franchise that finally turned me from a Sega Fanboy who was praising the Sega Genesis over the SNES over to the SNES. That is when I learned that you can love more than one system manufacturer I skimmed past the Twisted Metal (was never a personal fav of mine) display although I did notice and think cool - they are reviving it. And the updated "oldskool" Sonic has me just as excited as DKC! Tons of retro gaming goodness will be coming out. No matter if you prefer the modern day stuff or the retro inspired classics, the next year is going to be another memorable year for us gamers!
  5. Jacing It Up's Avatar
    It happens when people really hype up E3. People aren't the one to blame but the publishers/developers themselves. Gotta find a way to get free publicity for there game! We can only dream am I rite?

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