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    Actually, it wasn't only the Japanese kids who just wanted to dance that got that Guitar Hero/Rock Band bullshit started ... Konami started it with Guitar Freaks in the arcade. RedOctane made the hardware, they thought it was neat, stole it and popularized it.

    And now we've got heaven only KNOWS how many of the damn games coming out every year across Guitar Hero (and whatever other kind of shit Activision shovels out *cough*DJHero*cough*), Rock Band and the smaller games that come out for the iPhone and other handhelds that do basically the same thing.

    I personally play guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and piano all to varying extents (all of which are mediocre at best. But fuck it, I enjoy it. hehe) ... and I don't care if someone plays on a little plastic guitar ... even though it worries me that we may see an entire generation of guitar players who never play past the first 5 frets. :P

    I can also play the Guitar Hero/Rock Band games decently enough on the hard difficulty ... but it generally only takes me about a week tops to end up getting bored with them. And seeing a full "band" setup in these games is ... looking in from the outside of course ... depressing as hell.
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    Yeah ... I needed to change jeans after seeing the screenshots and whatnot of this. Just sayin'
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    I still kinda remember when I got into emulation. It was a REALLY early Game Boy emulator I stumbled across on an FTP site in about '96 or so. :P

    Then went on to join Emucult (which I still use the AIM handle I made when I was there) ... then went on to Zophar's Domain (I had to sign a 2 page fucking contract for that site, and when you hit up the homebrew/public domain ROMs I'm the reason they're there), Emuunlim, PSXEmu, Retrogames, was an op in #retrogamers on EFNet for a long time ... and ran the biggest (at the time) public domain ROMs site on the web. Not the prettiest mind you, but was definitely the biggest because I was worried about screenshots or any of that mess. You got the filename and a link to it and that was about it. :P

    Saw the rise of PS1 emulation ... remembering going apeshit over seeing intro screens for Mortal Kombat 3. :P Saw the rise of Game Boy Advance emulation, of which there were actually emulators out BEFORE the system was even launched.

    And when CPS2Shock started decrypting the CPS2 games. *drool*

    And the short lived Corn N64 emulator that used a different emulation method that made Mario 64 run full speed on my old 200mhz Cyrix with 64MB of RAM and a 2MB ATI Rage video card. Of course the trade off to that speed was the fact that it only ran about 15 games at best.

    Kinda got out of the scene overall back in 2001 when my daughter was born and I got married, and that scene I personally remember is pretty much dead nowadays. :\

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