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  1. What the F@*k is a Vita?

    Well the PlayStation Vita has been released around the world now and Sony fan boys have already started playing around with their new gadget. Most of the reviews I have read/watched have been lukewarm at best. Naturally that is to be expected after all it is a new gaming platform that needs time to grow. Sony seems to have done their best by throwing everything they could possibly think of into this piece of shit in order to please as many people as they can. I mean two touch screens? Really? Also ...
  2. The Holy Grail of Game Boys: An Incredible Score!

    Stalking the Retro finds the Holy Grail of Game-Boys. I found it in this little shop hidden away in an electronics super mall that I often frequent.

    Techno Mart is one of Seoul's most famous electronics malls. Eight floors of electronic goodness

    Techno Mart very rarely has any retro games but I managed to find this little dusty and poorly maintained booth that had what I was looking for. ...

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