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    Quote Originally Posted by tomtom2play
    That is so cool, what a lucky find.
    Thanks Tom Tom if you liked that check out my youtube channel. I just picked up a minty Game gear in box!
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    I invented that in 1968. Not one single other person helped me with it and yet I never get credit for it.
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    That is so cool, what a lucky find.
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    Love this!
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    You nailed it Indie. The people who would buy a portable gaming device just because it is a cool gadget are now buying phones - window closed! Some friends and I were talking just recently about how Microsoft happens to be at the top of the gaming triangle right now, and its kind of a mystery (even to them) how they got there. In 2006, Nintendo was cruising at the top with huge wins in handlhelds and Wii. They undercut their competitors and took over casual gaming, but somehow that wasn't enough and they couldn't sustain it. The investment in the 3Ds just looks like a huge mistake now. How is that device going to be compelling anymore when it has to fight with smartphones for the casual gadgeter's attention?
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    Like I said there is still room in the market for portable gaming consoles. Currently however the market is over saturated with the psp and DS lite. The 3DS was poorly marketed and released at a bad time in the world economy. More people are buying mobile phones however and for most people they have to make a choice. Do I get a new phone or do I get a new portable gaming console. Phones simply do more so most casual gamers will choose to upgrade their phone before upgrading their portable gaming console. That's just the way I see it. I could be wrong but so far the numbers support this theory. It's easier to justify the purchase of a new phone that plays games then a dedicated gaming device. If it weren't for casual gamers the old DS lite would not have been as successful as it was. Mobile phones have robbed them of millions of casual gaming customers.
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    For me, despite having a Droid, I can't see making the switch from the DS to any phone without proper buttons and the thought that the cheap pricing model for phone games prohibits the development of anything of significant depth such as Etrian Oddessy.

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    A 3d remake of Mario 3 would help I think. Or, is it possible to make Final Fantasy 7 to fit on a DS card? I'm not the biggest fan of FF7, but I guarentee if it got remade in 3D for the DS it'd sell like hotcakes.
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    You can get it on Itunes. Bittorrent is a nice illegal way to watch it.
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    How did you watch this - Bit Torrent?
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    Koreans are still not concerned about copyright just go to a Kenny Rogers themed singing room for proof. I have worked at a school where they photocopied textbooks instead of buying them.
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    Yeah the homeless are terrible at video game collecting.

    I always find it interesting to hear about gaming in non “mainstream” counties. There's a lot of coverage of retro gaming in places like the US and UK, but other countries like Korea and Brazil have their own interesting gaming histories too. I find it funny that the NES and SMS where known as the ComBoy and Gam*Boy in Korea. That's in no way confusing. I don't think they were too concerned about copyright in general. For example the Super Boy games on the SMS, which are MSX ports, remind me of a certain plumber.

    I would actually say that the Korean consoles are quite desired by certain collectors, but the lack of information and difficulty in sourcing them means that there for die-hards only (sadly).
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    Good stuff. Thanks for posting. I have added to our GG facebook page too! Thanks and keep your blogs coming.
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    Thanks Septic. Please skype me again we need to do another Stalking the Retro podcast. Since Dhalamar is taking so long to do the Wasted seconds we might as well try to fill the gap with our nonsense. If anyone wants to join my podcast please skype me at indieseoul. Anybody at all is welcome to join in. If you have a voice and a mic then you qualify to talk about necrophilia and retro gaming. Check out the listener media section for the Stalking the retro podcast and prepare to be offended.
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    Heh, nice article.

    The GameBoy was my first "real" console. Before that I had a Commodore 64, and I had two friends, one with a BBC Micro, and the other with a ZX Spectrum. I decided to ask for a GameBoy on the Christmas of 1990 because my Family would go back and forth between military bases and I would get caught up, so to kill the boring 1-2 hour road trips, the GameBoy was simply the greatest thing I ever heard of; so I got it, and hey presto, Super Mario Land was mine, and I loved it so much! I don't care if Super Mario Land wasn't designed or directed by Shigeru Miyamoto, the game was still great and the music to boot!

    Awesome Stuff Indie!
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    I just downloaded the apps. This may be a dumb question, but how do I load them onto my phone. I own a Samsung Intercept running Android 2.2
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    Until they stop selling the PS3 and it's been phased out, I'll just keep using my Xbox. Still, it looks cool as hell.
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    The second app will be delayed. I'm off to travel in SE Asia for a month. But you can get the first one here:
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    Where is it?
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    I will always see that horse when Scott talks. Classic!
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