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  1. High Score: A Short Film about Marathon Gaming.

    Almost everyone has seen King of Kong A Fistful of Quarters but how many of you have seen High Score? I am always on the search for video game documentaries but even I hadn’t heard of this one before. Thank you fellow forum member zxspectrum16k for finding this gem.

    If you are expecting to see a copycat version of King of Kong prepare to be surprised. This film actually predates KoK and Chasing Ghosts by a year.

    The biggest problem that I had with King of Kong ...

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  2. Genesis or Megadrive? How about Aladdin Gameboy!

    Oh Korea! Why must you make things so confusing. Every good American knows that the Sega Genesis was the best 16 bit console on the market prior to the SNES. Everybody else knows that it was the Mega Drive and you better not call it a Genesis. Genesis was a band headed by English Singer/Songwriter Phil Collins.

    Why are Reagan masks so mother fucking creepy?

    In Korea however it wasn't called Genesis or Megadrive. It was called ...

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  3. How FMV killed the Video Game Star.

    The 3DO is one of the most beleaguered consoles in video game history. Sure the Phillips CDI is hated even more but still the 3DO is considered one of the "fails" of console gaming. Lets look at the reasons why this console failed to ignite the imaginations and wallets of consumers.

    First of all the price. The 3DO came out at the introductory price of $699.95. Did you just shit your pants a little? Yes so did consumers way back in 1993 when the 3DO was released. Using the ...
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  4. The Original Gameboy and Green Screen Nostalgia.

    Retro game nostalgia has to be one of the most powerful emotions there is for a 36 year old gamer. I remember playing my Gameboy in the back seat of the family car on long road trips across the country or just on a quick trip to the mall. Trying to get the sunlight to catch on the screen just right and fiddling with the contrast control so that I wouldn't miss any of the action on screen. It really felt like I had a portable Nintendo in my hand. Sure the graphics were difficult to see through all ...
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  5. Stalking the Retro.

    Stalking the Retro goes to a North Korean Dirtcade!. Well actually it is a shiny South Korean arcade but that doesn't make headlines. Two games are shown in this video: Crazy Taxi and Terminator Salvation. The video was shot at two different arcades in Seoul S. Korea. The Terminator Salvation video was shot at an arcade called Sega Fun It. The most retro of the machines Crazy taxi was shot at a small arcade near my local movie theater. Listen to the wonderful sounds and see the sights at a South ...
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