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UK Mike (miner2049er)

Some of my ramblings.

  1. The Bi-Weekly British Backtrack - iTunes Schmitunes

    For a long time now, I have used portable media players of one kind or another, cassette based, CD based, CD-MP3 based, Hard Drive based and the solid state variety. I have always been a fan of portable media players and have owned several which have always served me well, but recently, things have changed, and not just for me, but for people in general. The way that we listen to all audio based material, but particularly music, has changed.

    Gone are the days of watching and listening ...

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  2. The Bi-Weekly British Backtrack - Miner2049er

    Howdy pardners as they say somewhere other than here.

    Iíve been hanging around on retro forums for a number of years now, more than I care to remember in fact, and Iíve never explained in text form why I use the forum name I do (miner2049er), and Iíve never reviewed the game in text form either, so I guess that time has now arrived.

    Iíve sometimes talked about the game but never actually reviewed the game so here we go. First off, why do I use it as a forum name? Is ...
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  3. The Bi-Weekly British Backtrack - The Enigma Machine

    This could well be the first time Iíve made a blog post on the back of a request, a request to cover some classic computers, and feedback from people suggests that they like to hear about the British computers of old that they may know nothing about or may not have even heard of, so in this segment Iím going to go right back to the dark ages of computers. To a time when games werenít even thought of, weíre going back to the 1930s.

    The word 'computer' before the 1940s would typically ...
  4. The Bi-Weekly British Backtrack - A Christmas Carol

    Bah Humbug! as Ebenezer Scrooge might say.

    I wouldnít! I love Christmas, me!

    As Wikipedia says, the Charles Dickens novella ďA Christmas CarolĒ is a story about change, and so it turns out, is this. Convenient eh?

    As I lie in bed on this Christmas Eve tossing and turning, but mainly turning, I am visited by a ghost, the ghost of I know not what, but what that ghost is telling me is that Iím going on a journey or 3, so why not join me? Donít get too excited ...
  5. The Bi-Weekly British Backtrack - Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

    How much do you love a conspiracy theory? You do? Great, cos hereís a humdinger. LaToya Jackson said that her brother Michael had told her that he would be killed for his money. He told her this in apparent seriousness. You see, Michael Jackson wasnít just rich, he was very rich. Filthy, stinking, dirty rich. Offensively rich if you like. Whatís more, he could have been even richer.

    Not only was he rich of his volition and successful in his own right, but he had invested very wisely. ...

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