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  1. GameGavel's Avatar
    Wow! Just heard this now. This sucks!
  2. ebrake's Avatar
    And then the other shoe drops yesterday with Gamespy and 1up getting the axe. It could be said that 1up has been on life support since January 2009 when UGO acquired them and then laid off tons of people and essentially killed Gamevideos. It was depressing to see this happen as they were putting out quality content and really seemed to love what they were doing.
    The ones who were left or came afterwards tried their best but you can only do so much if upper management doesn't share the same views or enthusiasm. I think a lot of people saw this coming but were surprised it took this long. The site had not been updated for quite sometime and their podcast output dropped tremendously.
    Hopefully all that were laid off can find work soon.
  3. SubaruBrat's Avatar
    I grabbed this right away, NIck De Code is a great idea, floppys and character remind me of some of the really good shareware games of the early 90s.
  4. JoshWright's Avatar
    Mega Man X 4 was a pinnacle of platforming wonder. Every part of that title was insanely good. I could have done without the anime cut scenes, but that was the time in gaming for it, and at least mega man pulled it off well.
  5. GameGavel's Avatar
    The home movies are GREAT!
  6. Leathco's Avatar
    Hope we hear a special segment on the NES on the next RGR.

    The NES is prolly where the bulk of my retro collection lies. I use a Toploader exclusively, due to the fixes Nintendo made (no bending pins, no 10NES chip). I own 270 unique NES games so far, and also own a lot of the accessories for it, such as ROB and the Power Pad. It holds a VERY special place for me, even though I started gaming on a 2600, the NES is when I REALLY started to get into gaming.
  7. Duke.Togo's Avatar
    Sounds like hard work coming to frution. Keep that passion going!
  8. SubaruBrat's Avatar
    Bravo man, own the industry!
  9. SepticLemon's Avatar

    Thanks SoCAL!
  10. SteveSawyer's Avatar
    This game is sooooooooooo addicting! And this review is spot on, get this game now!
  11. GameGavel's Avatar
    Hopefully someone from GP2XStore hears this and makes it right for you Any word from them yet?
  12. Leathco's Avatar
    I owe you a thanks Mike for helping spread the word about the bogus support. Or, more specifically, the lack thereof.
  13. GameGavel's Avatar
    Thanks for the summarizing all the goodness that is going to be the 3DS. This is going to be a launch not to miss! I know I've said it before but playing these games in 3D is going to be the coolest thing ever. The early games are looking and playing great. I can just imagine the shit developers will come up with throughout the lifecycle of this system. Nintendo is always innovating!
  14. Dhalamar's Avatar
    Nintendo has been almost complete disappointment for me ever since the N64. I remember the Ultra 64 ads in Killer Instinct ... then we got the Nintendo 64. The Gamecube kind of caused me to raise an eyebrow (and not in a good way) ... the Wii has never even entered into my mind as an actual system though there's maybe 5 games I like for it total. The Game Boy Advance was kind of neat though.

    The DS ... Mario Kart DS and New Super Mario Bros was good, but that's about it. And definitely not worth buying the thing again for. Nintendo has just kind of lost me in the end.

    Of course even crap systems have good games. N64 has Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Mario Kart 64, etc etc ... the GBA game I played the most was Street Fighter Alpha 3. I can't recall any Gamecube games I actually liked, though I know they exist. And the Wii ... uugh. What a joke except for shit like House of the Dead, the Pinball Collections, the Data East Arcade thing, Ju-On ... there's probably a couple of others.

    My little iPod Touch is a better gaming device than the DS has ever been to me, and the 3DS ... haven't seen it in action so can't comment on it ... but I haven't been interested in hardly anything Nintendo has done for probably 10 years or more. Of course I'll end up eventually trying out the 3DS on the hopes that Nintendo makes a handheld (or eventually a console) that's actually worth bothering with for me.
  15. GameGavel's Avatar
    The Jet Pack stage in Pilot Wings sold me. And the 3D flying and skimming over the water in Star Fox was truly one of the coolest things I've ever experienced in gaming! A 3D Tetris, which I am sure will be coming eventually, will also be extremely cool!
  16. BydoEmpire73's Avatar
    A friend of mine swore by his NgCon on PS1 for racing games. Not exactly a paddle, but similar concept.

    I always liked the paddle games, too. Circus Atari is one of best. Warlords, of course. I thought Demons to Diamonds was pretty cool in a weird way.
  17. BydoEmpire73's Avatar
    I had zero interest in the 3DS. I don't play handhelds very often, so my iPod Touch handles those needs nicely. I've read so many really, really positive hands-on impressions of the 3DS that I'm definitely interested now. Star Fox 3D would be my killer app.

    Thanks for the hands-on impressions, SoCal. Sounds like you're having a blast.
  18. Dhalamar's Avatar
    Actually, something to add to this ... I don't think the games on that are emulated so much as they re-programmed remakes. But I could be worng?
  19. GivenTheOkieDoke's Avatar
    Yeah I figue I will download the client sometime today, or if I get board at work tommarow. I have never played it and have not idea what the hell its all about.
  20. Dhalamar's Avatar
    Yeah, I played it last night with him, even though something funky was going on and couldn't get into a game for somethin' like an hour and a half. Then some people were just deciding to be dicks not wanting to let the new guy in.

    Naturally I didn't do worth a crap, but I can definitely see myself getting into it. Assuming I can find people playing it who will actually LET me play. :P

    Going to play it single player some more just so I can get used to how it works. heh
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