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  1. MicroQuest - Free Chips Challenge style game...

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    I would like to introduce my new (first) iOS game - MicroQuest.

    As programmer Curtis Nerdly was working on his new game, he found evidence that a dastardly pirate by the name of Capt. Nick De Code had gained access to his computer and had stolen a copy of the game. Capt. Nick then proceded to spread copies of the game, causing disruption in his wake.
    Help Curtis track down the missing copies of his game and strike a blow against Capt. Nick De Code and his pirate friends.
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  2. Leathcos Top Ten Mega Man Games

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    If there's one thing Capcom is known for, its.....well, its prolly Street Fighter 2. But Mega Man comes up in a close second. The Blue Bomber has been Capcoms premier mascot for a long time now, and for good reason. Even when the games become stale, stagnant, and completely unoriginal, they're all still fun as hell to play. And there's been literally dozens of Mega Man titles, spawning across multiple systems such as its birth on the NES, moving to the Game Boy, SNES, Genesis, Game Gear, PS1,
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  3. Video Masters TV- Season 5, Episode 4- NES Special

    This episode is entirely dedicated to the Nintendo Entertainment System, which just celebrated its 25th birthday on October 18th. We'll explore its history up until 1995, when the run of the NES ended.

  4. July 2010 RetroGamingRoundup Podcast - Now Available

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    The July 2010 RetroGamingRound Podcast is now available

    The Video Game Crash Part 3 - (00:00)
    Hardware Flashback - (12:13)
    Mike'd Up - (27:28)
    Gorgar Speaks - (52:14)
    Guinness Gaming Records - (55:31)
    Top Ten Gameboy Games - see our results - (56:45)
    Tech Questions - (183:08)
  5. RetroGamingRoundup June 2010 Podcast - GET IT NOW!

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    Breaking News - (0:00)
    The Video Game Crash Part 2 - (2:25)
    Hardware Flashback - (17:40)
    Guinness Gaming Records - (62:59)
    Tron Radio Show - (64:32)
    Mike'd Up - (93:28)
    The British Hour - (108:55)
    Top Ten ColecoVision Games - see our results - (132:41)
    Pinball Fever Part 5 - (224:11)
    Classic / Retro , Editorial
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