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  1. E3 2010, my thoughts

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    Alright, so I watched the big three conferences. My thoughts...

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    My favorite conference was Nintendo's. They didn't show as many games as Sony, but had a lot of titles I actually want to play. The one that interested me the most was Kirby Epic Yarn. Damn, that game looks fun to play. I also had goosebumps when I saw Donkey Kong Country Returns. I am a huge fan of this game as I played and completed 100% the previous SNES
  2. E3 3DS Hands On & My Opinion

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    ES 3DS Hands On & My Opinion
    Ok. Just got back from day two at E3. Finally got into the line to see the 3DS. It was very organized. There were about 300 people in line when we got in. They had a stage with about 4 very long rows of tables with a 3DS system spaced out about ever 24" With a hot girl sitting behind each 3DS that would explain things - basically they just sat there and looked cute
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