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  1. Why are Atari 2600 Paddle Games so hard to emulate? And what the heck happend to padd

    Please answer me this? Why is it so hard to properly emulate Atari 2600 paddle games?

    Think about it, have you ever played an Atari 2600 paddle game that was any good on anything but the Atari. No. Only the Atari 2600 with its factory attached paddles work. For example, take the Jakks Pacific All-In-On Atari 2600 paddle games unit. I was so excited to play it this weekend on our RV but when I fired it up I soon discovered it didn't even come close to giving me a better
  2. Top-10 Controller Throwing Moments ARGGGGGGGG!

    10. Final Fantasy X – Getting the Venus Sigil

    “Just got the Venus Sigil! Gonna go post a rant on Craiglist about it! LOL! Oh, btw, please kill me.”

    This comes in at number ten because in theory, you can simply forget about it and move on with the game, avoiding any broken controllers and strokes… but if you are a complete hardcore gamer YOU ABSOLUTLEY NEED TO DO THIS FOR THE VENUS SIGIL because ...
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