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  1. The controller has become the ronin of gaming.

    This is the story of a lone wanderer, who once had a master; he knew glory and honor like many of his kind. In a time where, his fellow man-at-arms, were revered as the thriving force of a now ever-changing empire. He was considered by many to be the best there ever was, the perfect tool for the job. His analog precision was deadly, his D-pad accurate and his buttons sharp as razor blades. But like ...

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  2. Plain Sight review: Beatnik Games slices, dices and then...explodes.

    It’s not just a clever gimmick. Robot ninja have been the stuff of epicness since games like Ninja Warriors was released on Super Nintendo in ages past. In this modern day, we have Plain Sight – a fast-paced player vs. player romp complete with kamikaze robotic assassins in a free-falling 360 environment. I came into this game knowing nothing about it, but when I learned that robotic ...

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  3. Retro Review: Starscape

    2004 was a big year for video games, what with the brain-melting wickedness of Half-Life 2 and the highly-anticipated Doom 3 hitting shelves. These two titans would change the way FPS was played for all time and caused players around the world to neglect the basic necessities of biological upkeep such as brushing their teeth and leaving their PCs long enough to buy themselves something more nourishing than a ...

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  4. Call of Duty: Trivializing War?

    I love shooting Nazi’s in the face, don’t you?

    I remember storming castle Wolfenstein with all manner of boom sticks – blasting my way through every single one of those mass-murdering bastards in an avalanche of hot lead and death. The outcry over FPS’s began around the time Doom and Mortal Kombat were hitting the scene. Members of the previous generations flinched as they watched us annihilate enemies via decapitation or splattering rocket fire. As a kid, I felt their chorus ...

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  5. StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty Review


    That word becomes a sentence when used to describe StarCraft 2. In part because StarCraft 2 makes it so easy to use the word to describe a wide variance of things in the context of the game. The mission structure is incredible, the cinematic sequences are incredible, the cutscenes incredible, etc, etc... In fact it seems so superfluous to even tell you that the ...

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