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UK Mike (miner2049er)

Some of my ramblings.

  1. The British Backtrack – Stolen Nintendo 3DS eShop Account

    Well it’s been a while since the last update on this supposedly fortnightly blog, but then real life has a habit of getting in the way of all good laid plans and for the foreseeable future will continue to do so.

    That said, I can still scrape together enough motiviation, concentration and brain power for the occasional wittering so it might be best to change the Monicker from The Bi-Weekly British Backtrack to just the plain old British Backtrack. It’s just the same but without ...
    Nintendo , Industry , Editorial
  2. The Bi-Weekly British Backtrack – Disco Fever Pinball Restoration 06

    This backtrack is the final part of my pinball machine refurb escapades so congratulations to those of you who have stuck with it, it can’t have been easy. To those of you who haven’t stuck with it, well, you won’t be reading this I guess, but go screw yourself anyway.

    By the time that Williams had evolved their pinball architecture to System 7 they no longer used transistor pairs to fire sounds in the same way and instead used a dedicated PIA on the CPU board to trigger sounds ...
    Classic / Retro
  3. The Bi-Weekly British Backtrack – Disco Fever Pinball Restoration 05

    Welcome to part five in the thrilling serialisation of my electronic blunderings through the world of pinball repair. I do this so you don't have to.

    My boards arrived, or should I say, a CPU board and a driver board arrived, not the same ones that left, but a CPU board and a driver board nonetheless, and I was eager to get them straight in my machine and fire it up, but there was a little work to do first. Scott had replaced my System3 CPU board with a System 6 CPU board, easily ...
    Classic / Retro
  4. The Bi-Weekly British Backtrack – Disco Fever Pinball Restoration 04

    OK, OK so I missed the usual Bi-Weekly entry a fortnight ago but, like Microsoft and their Cloud Services, I blame it on the leap year so expect the same thing to happen again in four years time. Now that normal service is resumed I need to segway from the Leap Year to Pinball.

    Speaking of Pinball, I was feeling like I was getting nowhere with this thing, and I was clear that the most important and the most difficult things to fix are the CPU board and driver board, and the ones in ...
    Classic / Retro
  5. The Bi-Weekly British Backtrack – Disco Fever Pinball Restoration 03

    Part 3 of the restoration process gets into the blood and guts of the problem, and although an initial view of the workings of a pinball machine are certainly daunting, they can be broken down into four main sub systems:
    Power Supply
    General Illumination (G.I.)
    Lamp circuit
    Solenoid circuit

    That doesn't make it any easier to fix it though, it just makes it easier to organise somebody else to fix it.

    The solenoids are effectively coils that ...
    Classic / Retro
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