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And Yet It Moves (WiiWare) PAX Preview

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In early 2009, independent developer Broken Rules brought us the puzzle-platformer And Yet It Moves on PC. The core of the mechanics was that at any point, you could rotate the screen in 90 degree increments, with whatever side was at the bottom of the screen being considered down, and gravity acting accordingly. It was an interesting spin on platformers (I swear, it's the only pun I'll make), and the game was well received for it. Now, just over a year since the title hit the market for PCs, Broken Rules released a WiiWare version on August 23rd, with slightly revamped mechanics, bonus levels, as well as challenge modes. At PAX this year, I had a chance to play through a few of the new levels from the WiiWare version, and talk a bit with Jan Hackl (Visual Lead) and Peter Vorlaufer (Programming Lead) about the game.

The core mechanics of the game are mostly the same as the PC version, the biggest adjustment being that the rotation of the game world is no longer restricted to 90 degrees, now simply being rotate with the Wiimote. This makes the game easier, though some puzzles had to be re-worked to take advantage of the changes. Even with the difficulty lowered slightly, the game presents some challenging puzzles that require some serious thought. This is particularly true of the Wii bonus levels, one of which I got to play through all the way. It took a little while to get through the level, but after I beat it, all I could do was turn to Jan and say I...that He chuckled, and nodded, stating that the Wii bonus levels were meant to be a serious challenge. AYIM plays a little better than the PC version did, with the motion-controlled rotation feeling spot on. You can either use the Wiimote and a nunchuck to play, or just the Wiimote by itself; both methods feel natural, though I personally preferred the Wiimote and nunchuck configuration.

To start this next section off, let me just say that I absolutely adore the look of the PC version of And Yet It Moves. The look of the game is unchanged for the Wii version, and that's a great thing. If you haven't seen either version of the game before now, the game sports is of ripped pictures of plants, rocks, etc; and it looks great. Your character is comprised, just like the world, of scraps of paper that a friend of the creators' drew on, and they assembled them into animations of your character. The model fits really well, seeming like part of the world without blending in with the background. According to the devs, a few images had to be changed for the Wii version, so that it would run better on the system, but I didn't notice anything that looked any worse, so I guess that doesn't really affect anything. As far as audio goes, the game's audio consists mostly of footsteps and beats that play in response to rocks and other items bouncing around. The audio fits the visual style of the game perfectly, and really creates a relaxed, enjoyable environment to solve puzzles in.

All in all, And Yet It Moves is a fantastic game, and the WiiWare port is just as good, if not better. The controls are spot on, and the graphics are beautifully minimalistic. Jan and Peter are great guys who are really pleased with the game, and I can see why. Even if you have the PC version, paying the 1,000 points ($10USD) for the WiiWare version is a good investment, as the bonus levels and features add a lot of content to the game, and experiencing the game using the Wiimote is a great experience, and makes some of the puzzles feel very different than the PC version. And Yet It Moves is available on the Wii Shop Channel for 1,000 points, and you should definitively pick it up if you enjoy platformers, as it's a really unique experience.

Author's Note: This is one of several post-PAX preview I'll be writing this week, letting you know how everything I had a chance to see was. Stay tuned to to see what else was at PAX, and how it was!

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