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  1. The Memory Formula

    Having played video games for 2 decades now, I feel as though I have a certain learned authority that I have acquired over years of playing both the real winners, and true stinkers. It seems that as games as a medium evolve, their potential to inspire a certain kind of awe grows, while their limitless potential to truly suck rocks never diminishes. A classic title that excelled, still does today and you can go back and replay it, and some of that old nostalgic feeling envelopes you in a warm blanket ...
  2. Fable III: Traitors Keep DLC

    Today, the new DLC for Fable 3 hit, and it was a pretty large update. Large by Fable standards mind you, is maybe 4 hours of content, if your lucky. Traitors Keep is a new quest line in the game, that kicks off with an assassination attempt from a place called The Keep, a large island prison holding the most dangerous criminals in Albion. What amazes me is that you didn't know about it. Your the frigging king of the country, nay, the entire known world as I understand it, and shit just keeps popping ...
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  3. Comics and Film- A Bad Cocktail

    Its odd to think that two mediums that share so much in common, have done so poorly as a combo. I love each dearly, but as history has shown they don't exactly play well together on-screen and I want to talk a bit about why I think that is. It comes down to both having strengths and weaknesses as mediums of storytelling. I'm going to give a couple of well known examples to show you what I mean.

    First I think its important to really look at the main people in comics. Usually hero ...

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  4. Me and Rpgs - thoughts.

    The very first game I ever played on Nintendo was Dragon Warrior, followed by the first Final Fantasy. They were epic, massive immersion games that drew you in and really gave you a reason to keep playing. The random battles, and random item drops gave an element of realistic chaos to the game that inspired a sort of tension. Will that rare gold king slime come back this way, I could surely use some more of that XP. It was silly little ideas like that which kept me glued to game after game ...
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  5. Marvel VS Capcom 3 - Fate of Two Worlds - The first 12 hours

    I have said before in previous posts that I am a fighting games fanatic. It should come as no surprise that I've logged hours upon hours in the first two MVC games. The first one is more than likely responsible for failure of no less than two classes in high school. When I heard that a third game was being released, I greatly anticipated its release and followed its development closely.

    I picked up MVC- Fate of Two Worlds on the 360. Now, that I have my grubby little hands on it, ...
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