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  1. King of Kong: A Fistful of Characters.

    The year is 1982 you have a fistful of quarters burning a hole in your pocket. The only sensible thing would be to spend them on video games. King of Kong is a very entertaining documentary about high scores and the arcade paradise that was the 1980's. The makers of this film must have decided that in order to get more asses in the seats it would be prudent to create an entertaining rivalry. They did just that by characterizing Billy Mitchell as the cartoon bad guy and by using Steve Wiebe as a ...

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  2. High Score: A Short Film about Marathon Gaming.

    Almost everyone has seen King of Kong A Fistful of Quarters but how many of you have seen High Score? I am always on the search for video game documentaries but even I hadn’t heard of this one before. Thank you fellow forum member zxspectrum16k for finding this gem.

    If you are expecting to see a copycat version of King of Kong prepare to be surprised. This film actually predates KoK and Chasing Ghosts by a year.

    The biggest problem that I had with King of Kong ...

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  3. Comics and Film- A Bad Cocktail

    Its odd to think that two mediums that share so much in common, have done so poorly as a combo. I love each dearly, but as history has shown they don't exactly play well together on-screen and I want to talk a bit about why I think that is. It comes down to both having strengths and weaknesses as mediums of storytelling. I'm going to give a couple of well known examples to show you what I mean.

    First I think its important to really look at the main people in comics. Usually hero ...

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