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  1. Fable III: Traitors Keep DLC

    Today, the new DLC for Fable 3 hit, and it was a pretty large update. Large by Fable standards mind you, is maybe 4 hours of content, if your lucky. Traitors Keep is a new quest line in the game, that kicks off with an assassination attempt from a place called The Keep, a large island prison holding the most dangerous criminals in Albion. What amazes me is that you didn't know about it. Your the frigging king of the country, nay, the entire known world as I understand it, and shit just keeps popping ...
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  2. MAG: Escalation DLC Coming November 2

    MAG, the 256 multiplayer online shooter for the PS3 will be getting some brand new DLC in th beginning of November.

    Escalation will feature a brand new mode previously exclusive to MAG Beta testers. The mode will feature all three factions battling for control of 4 key points, the last point being available once one PMC has taken control of 2 or 3 of the other points. 96 players (32 for each PMC) are confirmed for this mode. ...
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  3. Left4Dead/Left4Dead 2 DLC "The Sacrifice" Out Now

    And this time, one of you will die.


    "The Sacrifice", the newest DLC for both Left4Dead and Left4Dead 2 is out now on both Steam and Xbox Live Arcade. To celebrate, not only did Valve find it cool to release both Left4Dead and Left4Dead 2 on the Mac, but both games and the bundle containing both are 66% off on Steam. This means you can pick up both L4D and L4D2 on you're Mac or PC for $10.19. Insane deals are insane.

    Just a note ...
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  4. L4D/L4D2 DLC "The Sacrifice" Dropping October 5.

    Everybody's favorite Zombie Co-Op Thriller is getting an update, and we now have a date and prices.

    "The Sacrifice" add-on for L4D/L4D2 will be coming for your soul October 5. Owners of Left 4 Dead will be treated to the natural fan fare of seeing the original survivors in a new campaign, as well as being introduced to a new variable Valve's coining as "Sacrificial Gameplay" (clever), in which players will have to choose ...
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  5. Kane And Lynch 2 Multiplayer DLC Released

    Kane and Lynch 2 is as polarizing as it's predecessor, with parties on both sides of the love it/hate it party floor. While those who hate it will probably dismiss this and/or hate on it as well, those who bought and liked Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days will be happy to know there's some new DLC available. And it's only been a week and a half!

    Three packs were released yesterday; The Doggie Bag, being the most generous of the three, includes 3 new maps and some exclusive ...

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