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  1. The Bi-Weekly British Backtrack – April Fools Day

    Is there such a thing as Happy April Fool’s Day? If not, then Happy April 1st, and Happy April 2nd for tomorrow while we’re at it.

    What makes today so special? Well apart from the release of this awesome addition to my literary catalogue, it is a day traditionally associated with tomfoolery, but nobody seems to know why. Lots of people claim to know why but even the font of all knowledge, Wikipedia, is non committal. Surprising for a site that contains nothing but verified facts............. ...
  2. My dsi xl

    I bought the dsi when that was released as an upgrade to the ds lite. The dsi never impressed me to be honest as the slightly larger screens didnt to much to impress me. Having owned the dsi for a couple of months i learned the dsi xl was on the way and i thought wow. I then sold my dsi and hang on for when the dsi xl was to be released but i lost interest as i ended up with a ps3 slim instead.

    On the same day as getting my 3ds i bought a dsi xl to play the old ds games on a flash ...
  3. My 3ds review

    Hello all,

    Quite some time since ive been on the forums, ive been busy with many things.

    On Friday i got my 3ds in black with pilot wings, pro evo 2011 and rayman 3d.

    The system:
    My first impressions of the 3ds system itself are 50/50. It currently feels like a half finished product in terms of features. Out of the box i was expecting online play with at least pro evo out of the titles i purchased. I am dissapointed to find this isnt the case, ...
  4. The Bi-Weekly British Backtrack – Retro iPods

    Sometimes oldest is bet.

    It seems strange to call a device as modern as the iPod retro, but looking at the iPod Touch of today, the older iPods do take on somewhat of a retro feel, and as with most things, that is an advantage. You remember that in an earlier entry I said that I have used a portable media player of one kind or another for a while, and that I found myself using a Creative Zen, and I was happy using it?
    That changed when I heard this word "Podcast."
    Classic / Retro , Editorial
  5. The Memory Formula

    Having played video games for 2 decades now, I feel as though I have a certain learned authority that I have acquired over years of playing both the real winners, and true stinkers. It seems that as games as a medium evolve, their potential to inspire a certain kind of awe grows, while their limitless potential to truly suck rocks never diminishes. A classic title that excelled, still does today and you can go back and replay it, and some of that old nostalgic feeling envelopes you in a warm blanket ...
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