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Alexandre Guimond

Otomedius isn't all about boobs,well kinda....

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Like any shmups enthusiasts, I was very surprised (and excited) to hear that, Otomedius would make the jump to North America. Despite my excitement and love for every Konami shooters, (like Gradius or Axelay) the Otomedius series is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine that dates a while back. The series is fairly new at the moment, (having only 3 titles to its epithet, one being in the Japanese arcades). But in the land of the rising sun, Otomedius has been the spiritual evolution, to one of Konami’s most amazing franchises.

The Parodius series has been going on for years in Japan, with its first title, dating back to 1988. It was created in order to poke fun at Konami’s prolific array of shooters but also, as an excellent way to mash-up together, all of the company’s franchises. Of course, in all its Japanese fashion, there was a fair amount of boobs and sassy ladies, dressed in skimpy outfits.

The series good sense of humor never overemphasizes on this however, with Otomedius being in Konami’s new arcade breed. Anime girls, with generous racks would be in effect. Yes, it’s kind of creepy (believe me, it’s hard not to face palm on Nippon quirkiness). But, like any Parodius games I’ve played before, the games are still a lot of fun!

Bayonetta was pretty ridiculous in her sex appeal, but it was all in good nature; She was a badass gal. As for Otomedius Excellent, take it with a grain of salt. After all, the game is a “curvier” version of Konami’s Gradius; which was an excellent shmup as well as an Arcade’s classic. Otomedius will have a four player coop mode, and there’s DLC planned. If you’re looking for a colorful and gorgeous shmups , why not take it with a generous amount of breasts? It has to be better than muscular oily men shooting laser from their heads right…..right?? (For its merit, Otomedius does have a lot less phallic imagery than Cho Aniki.)

There are no details on when Otomedius Excellent will be released in North America, however with its release set for XBLA. It most likely means a cheaper price of entry, as well as an easy commercialization for one of Japan’s, most alienated genres.

The shmups community is strong in North America, but it’s not strong enough to provide a commercial success to such an underground title, (and let’s not fool ourselves, the game is kind of awkward as well). Otomedius Excellent probably won’t be the greatest shmups to ever be released. But for any Japanese shooter fans, it will fill a void that is criminally left empty. Expect a full-length review when the game drops, later on this winter.

Alexandre Guimond
Assistant Editor

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