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  1. StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty Review


    That word becomes a sentence when used to describe StarCraft 2. In part because StarCraft 2 makes it so easy to use the word to describe a wide variance of things in the context of the game. The mission structure is incredible, the cinematic sequences are incredible, the cutscenes incredible, etc, etc... In fact it seems so superfluous to even tell you that the ...

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  2. StarCraft 2 Collector's Edition Unboxing

    Unless you're stupid, nothing else other than StarCraft should matter to you this week.

    With that being said, GameGavel was fortunate enough to snag one of these delicious babies at midnight last night. Enjoy the pics!


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  3. StarCraft 2 Multiplayer Preview!

    It’s been over a decade since StarCraft was released, but that has done absolutely nothing to diminish the games overwhelming popularity among PC gamers. Quite the contrary is true, with professional multiplayer leagues still in existence, and the most popular of the matches being televised in places like South Korea, where the game is considered a cyber sport. However the game’s developers Blizzard Entertainment, are no strangers to intense fan support, with close to 11.5 million users ...

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