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  1. Final Fantasy XIII: Itís great butÖ

    Itís finally here, Square-Enixís latest installment of Final Fantasy! With an all new crew, an excellent voice cast, a compelling combat system and story, it was well worth the three year wait but there few features that just didnít pique my interest. Hereís the lowdown!

    The Story: FFXIII takes places in a divided world; Cocoon and Pulse. Cocoon is run by Sanctum, a government that cooperates with the benevolent falíCie (a group of god-like machines created by the ďMaker). However, ...
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  2. Sports Games Not For Real Gamers?

    I was just perusing through some other forums, YouTube, and other various "Gamer" related websites/blogs and I have really started getting frustrated with hearing "Sports games suck" or "Only casual gamers play sports games" It seems gamers now days have this mindset that anyone who plays sports games (i.e. NCAA Football 2010, NHL 2010, ect.) is not a gamer or is only a casual gamer. Now it dosent bother me if people play a game or two of Madden or if there doing 17 ...

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  3. Golden Tee Golf : Home Edition from Radica Games

    This thing has gotten a LOT of flack. I donít think Iíve ever actually read anything good about it, but itís mostly from people who are familiar with the arcade game. And itís totally understandable, because though Iíve only actually played the arcade arcade version of it a couple of times Ö I know how fanatical people are about this. The arcade game is a GORGEOUS game that obviously plays extremely well with itís unique and damned innovative trackball control scheme. Itís definitely a hard core ...
  4. For once the pawn shop actually had something interesting.

    Went to the local Goodwill and a pawn shop near it and snagged some stuff.


    Nascar 2001 - $3
    NCAA March Madness 2000 - $3
    Nirvana's In Utero cassette tape for 50 cents just because I like that album.

    Yeah, I have a strong feeling I overpaid by, well, $6 for the games. But it's still kind of interesting to see how those games have progressed over the years.

    And finally, the pawn shop had Final Fantasy VII, Gauntlet ...
  5. Some Top 10's

    My top 10 list's for these retro systems comes purely out of nostalgia. Also most of the games are not the system sellers like Super Mario 3 and Sonic 2 because I was young and my Mother just bought some games she though I might like. More or less though back then I didnt care what I was playing, they were fun regardless. This list really isnt set in stone but its a general idea of the top games of each system in my opinion.

    Nintendo (NES):

    10. Metal Gear
    9. ...
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