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  1. Breaking news! Valve now steals! (Updated! 11-17-10)


    (Scroll to the bottom for the latest update.)

    You know, for a company that likes to pride itself on supporting it's community and fans it's pretty sad that they had to rip off a small time Etsy designer through the incredibly lame, and still-not-thinkgeek gaming gear merchandise site, for something as ...
  2. Left 4 Dead on the Mac, 50% Off.

    OK Mac heads, you want Left 4 Dead, you got Left 4 Dead.

    Valve defied the laws of Valve Time, actually releasing a game within the time frame they set out.Left 4 Dead is now available for OSX Machines, and to celebrate, Valve is putting both L4D and L4D2 up for 50 Percent Off, and also slashing the price of both the 4 Pack and The Left 4 Dead Bundle. This means you can get L4D and L4D2 for 15 bucks.

    Valve ...
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  3. Left4Dead/Left4Dead 2 DLC "The Sacrifice" Out Now

    And this time, one of you will die.


    "The Sacrifice", the newest DLC for both Left4Dead and Left4Dead 2 is out now on both Steam and Xbox Live Arcade. To celebrate, not only did Valve find it cool to release both Left4Dead and Left4Dead 2 on the Mac, but both games and the bundle containing both are 66% off on Steam. This means you can pick up both L4D and L4D2 on you're Mac or PC for $10.19. Insane deals are insane.

    Just a note ...
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  4. Left4Dead "The Sacrifice" Part 1 Comic Out Now.

    Don't you love it when developers do cool stuff for their video game franchises?

    While this could be detracting time away from Half Life 2: Episode 3, or the Polycount Pack, I could really care less, because the first installment of the new online Left4Dead comic, "The Sacrifice" is pretty damn amazing. These comics, (4 parts in all), give us a lot of art and story, more than 160 pages of it. We'll get to see what exactly ...
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