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Eric Campbell

  1. Indie Review: Bullet Candy Perfect is a Rave for your eyes.

    Entering the world of Indie Games is like breathing mountain air after living in a smoggy city all your life. I say this because I didn't want to burden you with the "breath of fresh air" cliche. Oh well. This game has you zipping around, blasting everything in a multicolored light show to the musical beat of something you would hear in a night club in West Hollywood. Not that I would know...

    In short, Bullet Candy Perfect is perfectly named.


    Updated 19-11-10 at 04:58 by Eric Campbell

  2. Eric's Top 10 All Time Favorite RPGs.

    So here's a little fluff piece for you: my personal top 10 favorite RPGs countdown. It's easy to notice a casual gamer and a true geek gamer. At one point, a gamer was a gamer was a gamer. If you gamed, you were a fricken nerd, plain and simple. You were probably in that crowd that used a little more of your brain than most people, didn't get many dates and instead of religiously watching the football season, you were poring over tomes of Nintendo Power to find out when they were going to finally ...

    Updated 13-11-10 at 08:12 by Eric Campbell

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  3. Call of Duty: Trivializing War?

    I love shooting Nazi’s in the face, don’t you?

    I remember storming castle Wolfenstein with all manner of boom sticks – blasting my way through every single one of those mass-murdering bastards in an avalanche of hot lead and death. The outcry over FPS’s began around the time Doom and Mortal Kombat were hitting the scene. Members of the previous generations flinched as they watched us annihilate enemies via decapitation or splattering rocket fire. As a kid, I felt their chorus ...

    Updated 19-10-10 at 01:39 by Eric Campbell

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  4. Review: King's Bounty: Crossworlds shall rocketh thee.

    I came to Kings Bounty: Crossworlds as a noob, oblivious to its predecessors’ success in the world of Tactical-RPG. And within minutes of the game’s start up, I began to understand why the majority of folks that I have spoken to about this title smiled when I brought it up: This is a good game.

    There’s a growing trend among lesser-known titles and indie games these days that can be described ...

    Updated 28-09-10 at 05:33 by SteveSawyer

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  5. Retro Review: Starscape

    2004 was a big year for video games, what with the brain-melting wickedness of Half-Life 2 and the highly-anticipated Doom 3 hitting shelves. These two titans would change the way FPS was played for all time and caused players around the world to neglect the basic necessities of biological upkeep such as brushing their teeth and leaving their PCs long enough to buy themselves something more nourishing than a ...

    Updated 20-09-10 at 04:46 by Eric Campbell

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