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  1. Front Mission Evolved Review

    It didn't take much to get me interested in Front Mission Evolved. I was a huge Mechwarrior nut as a kid, and I may have been one of the few that played through almost every Armored Core game known to man with my younger brother, and both Zone of the Enders games. And don't even get me started on all the fond memories I have of Mech Assault and Mech Assault 2. In other words, ...

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  2. Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.2 Review (PC)

    It's not very often that I'm tasked with writing about a game, and find myself writing a review, or anything related to that game without having actually finished the game. But this is one of those unfortunate times. The reason for me not being able to complete Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2? It's not because the game itself is so terrible that I have no desire to play it whatsoever, nor is it the fact that the game is riddled with bugs, or glitches, or anything of the like. Sadly what's killing Tom Clancy's ...
  3. Sabotage!: How EA killed The Saboteur.

    After playing The Saboteur, I can safely say one thing. EA sent this game out to die. There is simply no other explanation why something that is dripping with so much atmosphere, innovation, and quality managed to slip so far under the radar that I hadn't heard of it until a year after it's release. It seemed like the ultimate last slap in the face for Pandemic... a studio that had managed ...

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  4. Microsoft Announces Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle

    Xbox 360 2010 Holiday Bundle by Major Nelson, on Flickr

    It's that time of year again, and video game companies know it. Microsoft is already getting it's start on the season of selling things, announcing it's Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle.

    The bundle will feature one of those new swanky Slim Xbox 360s with a 250GB hard drive, a copy of Forza 3, and a download ticket for Alan Wake. This will be ...
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  5. The Next Carmine's Fate is in the Hands of Fans with Gears of War 3 and Charity

    If you've played A Gears of War game then you know how Carmines usually end up...Dead. This time around though fans get a say in The newest Carmine's Fate. To participate, you'll have 2 options. One is on Xbox Live's Avatar Clothing Section where you can choose between either a "Save Carmine" or A "Carmine Must Die" Shirt whose sale will go to a the Always in style and every gamers charity, Child's Play. The Second ...

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