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  1. The Bi-Weekly British Backtrack – F1 (World) Grand Prix

    These two week waits seem to fly by, much like the subject of this blog in fact (See what I did there?) This time we’re immersing ourselves once again into the world of Formula One.

    Of course you remember one of my early postings about the Papyrus game Grand Prix Legends, and we’re moving forward in time from the era in that game, from 1967 to another truly great age of Formula One, the early 1990s.

    We’re looking at one of my favourite games of all time. That would ...
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  2. The Bi-Weekly British Backtrack – Dragons Are Real You Know!

    Hands up America!

    Actually I probably shouldn’t say that to you should I? Does that count as Terrorism now?

    Let’s try this:
    Hands up if you’ve heard of the Dragon 32?
    Hands up if you’ve heard of the Dragon 64?
    Well, you’re just about to.

    The Dragon 32 and the Dragon 64 computers are from the real heyday of the home computer boom in the 1980s and they take their name from the Company that made them, Dragon Data Ltd who were based in ...
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  3. The Bi-Weekly British Backtrack – Lest We Forget

    How ironic that the Bi-Weekly British Backtrack falls on this day of all days, a day for us to be British and a day for us to look back.

    There are ways to connect this to gaming, which is ostensibly what this blog is about, but it’s also about being British and all that being British entails, and I don’t just mean bad teeth and drinking tea at 3pm. I mean British tradition, British quirks and some general wackiness along the way, but this time around it is of course 11/11/11, or as ...
  4. The Bi-Weekly British Backtrack – Halloween

    So I had a week off work this week and planned a lengthy and inspiring article to round it off, waxing lyrical about the quite recent “Americanisation” of Halloween that has happened in the UK in recent years, turning what was a popular event into a much more commercial and wider celebrated event. It was always the little brother of Bonfire Night but has now overtaken it as kids are putting much more effort into their Trick or Treating and the Health And Safety bods get their hands on Bonfire Night ...
  5. The Secret RGR Conspiracy

    Hello fellow RGR members it's me again your intrepid reporter Indieseoul. I was the one that broke the story of the Great 3DS conspiracy. Here is the video if you have forgotten.

    This latest conspiracy clearly threatens our very sanity. I don't have to worry about my sanity however. I'm locked away in my secret underground lair complete with moat and electrified fences. There are alligators with laser guns in the moat as well ...
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