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  1. Charging for Downloadable Content is a Scam

    Itís already here and people are buying into it: Downloadable content, the way to milk gamers of their hard earned cash.

    Imagine someone going into a game store, buying a game thatís all shrink wrapped and their excited to play it. They get home, chainsaw the wrap off (including the annoying extra layer on the tops and sides) and pop in the game to their console. It boots up and they begin playing the game. Suddenly, a few hours in they reach an area and a message comes across the ...
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  2. My opinion of the NES on a chip Atari plug and play games.

    I wanna know what people think of the ones that use the NES on a chip with ports of the games on them instead of doing what the Flashback 2 does and literally re-making the entire system.

    I just started playing my Atari Flashback again the other day after doing some hefty research on it, because this NES on a chip stuff kind of fascinates me in the sense that, yeah, they're remakes (I wouldn't even consider them ports really, especially Millipede on the Flashback. It may look and ...
  3. More Shtuff

    Yeah, totally original title isn't it? Well, I didn't feel like writing anything meaningful. Just got back from another Goodwill/pawn shop run.

    Those are all PC games, and they are Red Faction, American McGee's Alice, MVP Baseball 2004, Shadow Warrior and the final one ... a budget game from ValuSoft called "Elite Forces : Navy Seals" ... laughably terrible first person shooter that crashed 5 minutes ...
  4. Another little Goodwill/pawn shop find

    The Star Wars one is obvious and cost me 4 bucks. The Sega Genesis one ... I don't know what games are on that one ... that cost me 2. Haven't shoved any batteries in it yet.

    Then there are the PS3 games for the system that is still in layaway. SF4 cost me 10 bucks because it was just the disc. And Killzone 2 cost me 15.

    Then there's the REAL black sheep of the bunch. A plug and play game that ...
  5. A little voice rant. A bit of a warning : Not safe for work.

    Talking about the reason I'm listening to the podcast now, and why I almost stopped listening to it all together. Scott's already heard some of this in my drunken delirium while waiting for a game of M.U.L.E. to start up, but there's some extra stuff that I didn't bring up. A little something about almost giving an old woman walking her dog a heart attack at 4 in the morning.

    And a little ...
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