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  1. DocUmentary: Visual Brain Food. Episode 10: 1986 and the death of Reactor 4.

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    The Battle of Chernobyl

    In 1986 the world would begin a war that still continues today. The fourth nuclear reactor in pripyat would go into meltdown whilst an energy saving test was being carried out. To this day we know well enough that Reactor 4 is still as dangerous now as it was when it went into meltdown. Some twenty eight years have passed and the second sarcophagus is still ten years behind schedule and even with Hans Blix’s influence ...
  2. DocUmentary: Visual Brain Food. Episode 9: Beg, Borrow and make Condom Commercials.

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    Pixels and Polygons: An Indie Game Developer Story

    Starving artist Richard Cook takes us on a journey he underwent in 2013 as he showcases a video game he is working on at the penny arcade expo (PAX), one of the largest gaming conventions in the world.
    This documentary manages to provoke nostalgic feelings all gamers love to experience but also it gives us another glimpse into the often loveless battle developers have trying to ...
  3. DocUmentary: Visual Brain Food. Episode 8: Disaster amongst the Rock and Ice

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    Touching The Void.

    I was bored out of my brains waiting for the coach to arrive to take me up to Scotland for a week away with my now fiancée Kerry. I suffer with bad anxiety and crowded places tend to put me on edge so I dived into a small bookshop to avoid sitting in the crowded bus station and after a long browse and a friendly natter with the shop owner (Who looked like Terry Pratchett) I found a book called Touching the Void. It is ...
  4. DocUmentary: Visual Brain Food. Episode 7: Tetris - From UK Mike with love.

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    This Special edition of DocUmentary is going to focus on the recent ‘Stalking The Retro’ Podcast interview with Retro Gaming Roundup host UK Mike. Here we will look at both films mentioned In the podcast with an additional feature I will call Extensive Reading – this will be links to more than just the film but people of interest in both films for further research and reading. Tetris is highly addictive and this episode of DocUmentary should be very informative. ...

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  5. DocUmentary: Visual Brain Food. Episode 6: Glass and Broomfield: A lesson in culture.

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    Glass – A Portrait of Philip in Twelve Parts

    I can recall the very moment in time Philip and I were introduced, the very moment I witnessed the marriage of celluloid and soundtrack and at once I was hooked. Clive Barker’s seminal horror film ‘Candyman’ began with a Birdseye view of a tall and dark city landscape, and alongside it was a booming and terrifying theme mastered by Glass and it remains as potent for me as it was back way before ...
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