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  1. Steve watches Halo Legends!

    Halo Legends.

    If you are living and breathing today, chances are you’ve heard of the insanely popular video game franchise that is Halo. What originally started as a top secret Mac exclusive title, Halo has become one of the most lucrative investments in gaming history. Spawning two direct sequels, three spin off titles, and propelling two separate generations of Microsoft ...

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  2. Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: A promising preview

    I love fighting games, yeah I said it. I love games where the only objective is to beat the other person into the ground in a simulated street fight of sorts. Well, thatís the nice way to put it. What usually ends up happening is a friend and I mash on buttons and shout obscenities at each other until someoneís health bar falls below zero and the other one laughs in a proud triumph (The alternate ending to the scenario actually also includes having one less friend at the end). But putting all that ...
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  3. Splatterhouse makes Steve angry!

    I got some hands on time with one of my old school favorites of all time. Splatterhouse.

    The problems began as soon as my fingers touched the controller. It's no secret that Splatterhouse has been a game of troubled development. With over three years in the can, and an equal number of developers the game has definitely seen it's share of ups, and downs. But you would think that 3 years in the pipe would ...

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  4. Charging for Downloadable Content is a Scam

    Itís already here and people are buying into it: Downloadable content, the way to milk gamers of their hard earned cash.

    Imagine someone going into a game store, buying a game thatís all shrink wrapped and their excited to play it. They get home, chainsaw the wrap off (including the annoying extra layer on the tops and sides) and pop in the game to their console. It boots up and they begin playing the game. Suddenly, a few hours in they reach an area and a message comes across the ...
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  5. Final Fantasy XIII: Itís great butÖ

    Itís finally here, Square-Enixís latest installment of Final Fantasy! With an all new crew, an excellent voice cast, a compelling combat system and story, it was well worth the three year wait but there few features that just didnít pique my interest. Hereís the lowdown!

    The Story: FFXIII takes places in a divided world; Cocoon and Pulse. Cocoon is run by Sanctum, a government that cooperates with the benevolent falíCie (a group of god-like machines created by the ďMaker). However, ...
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