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  1. Breaking news! Valve now steals! (Updated! 11-17-10)


    (Scroll to the bottom for the latest update.)

    You know, for a company that likes to pride itself on supporting it's community and fans it's pretty sad that they had to rip off a small time Etsy designer through the incredibly lame, and still-not-thinkgeek gaming gear merchandise site, for something as ...
  2. Valve Pays Mann Co Contributers Big Money.

    Man, I wish I could draw right now, I want to receive a check from Valve.

    The Mann-Conomy Update for Team Fortress 2 opened up the Mann-Co Store, a place where users could buy weapons and hats. It also allowed users to submit and begin selling their own items through the store, and Valve has recently sent 5 lucky modelers their royalty checks. Over $200,000 dollars were sent out, with "royalties ranging from $39,000 to $47,000 ...
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  3. HELL YEAH: DOTA 2 Announced

    Warcraft III/League Of Legends/Heroes of Newerth players rejoice! Valve has announced that they are, in fact, making DOTA 2.

    DOTA, or Defense of The Ancients, was originally a Warcraft III mod, in which players took control of "heroes" and defended/attacked their opponents Ancients, with the aid of A.I. controlled bots. Numerous patches, a new launch called DOTA AllStars, and a slew of clones (including League of Legends and ...

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  4. Left4Dead "The Sacrifice" Part 1 Comic Out Now.

    Don't you love it when developers do cool stuff for their video game franchises?

    While this could be detracting time away from Half Life 2: Episode 3, or the Polycount Pack, I could really care less, because the first installment of the new online Left4Dead comic, "The Sacrifice" is pretty damn amazing. These comics, (4 parts in all), give us a lot of art and story, more than 160 pages of it. We'll get to see what exactly ...
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  5. Alien Swarm review

    Free things are always good, right? Some people have trouble accepting presents from others, but they don’t seem to mind when the present is sent by Valve. They gave us Portal for free a couple of weeks back, and now they are releasing a brand-new title following the company‘s newest workforce acquisition in the form of Alien Swarm.

    Straight from the community, the team behind the game was ...

    Updated 06-09-10 at 07:38 by SteveSawyer


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