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  1. The Bi-Weekly British Backtrack Ė MAME Cab Part 2

    Q. Whatís black and sits in the corner of a stable in Yorkshire for years?
    A. My new arcade cab project.

    So here it is in all its glory. Well, excuse the condition but it had been living in North Yorkshire, and that would test the mettle of any man, and indeed the metal too. Do you know any metal men?

    Last time I mentioned that the ideal scenario would be to get a cab that was no longer functional then I wouldnít have the guilt trip of sacrificing a piece of ...
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  2. The Original Gameboy and Green Screen Nostalgia.

    Retro game nostalgia has to be one of the most powerful emotions there is for a 36 year old gamer. I remember playing my Gameboy in the back seat of the family car on long road trips across the country or just on a quick trip to the mall. Trying to get the sunlight to catch on the screen just right and fiddling with the contrast control so that I wouldn't miss any of the action on screen. It really felt like I had a portable Nintendo in my hand. Sure the graphics were difficult to see through all ...
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  3. The Bi-Weekly British Backtrack - Battle Of The Planets

    A little break from the norm here. Actually, there isnít really a norm is there? I write about whatever I want to, letís be honest.

    Anyway, time for a TV Show this time out, an animated TV show to be precise. Actually, thatís not very precise at all is it? Letís be a little bit more precise and say that we're going to look at a classic animated TV show. One that was originally a Japanese anime series but was adapted for American television in 1978 and was broadcast on UK TV as well. ...
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  4. Heroes Of Might & Magic 6 Beta First Day impression

    I`m not going to go into much detail about the bugs & such because it`s in closed beta. All i can say about the game right now, is that it still needs work & more polishing. It`s not ready in my opinion. It was a great move to delay it, and i wouldn`t be surprised if they delay it more. This does not mean it`s bad, it`s just not a finished product.

    My impression ...
  5. Learning electronics made easy, in one cheap package

    Quote Originally Posted by SubaruBrat View Post
    Thanks to one of our listeners asking a question about learning electronics my memory was jogged about a great tool for that. Back when I was a kid, radio shack was still an electronics store and sold these multi kits called 30 in 1, 60 in 1, etc. that were cardboard or plastic units with a number of electronic components mounted on it, you would interconnect them with wires on spring terminals to create different circuits made up from those common components such as resistors, transistors, capacitors
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