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  1. EA Buys Angry Birds Publisher.

    Image Courtsey of Asiabizz and Rovio

    Angry Birds is seriously the best game to touch my Android Phone, and I've picked up a lot of free trials from the Android Marketplace. I think a lot of iPhone users can say the same about Angry Birds and their respective services, and I think EA knows that when the decided to buy Chillingo, the publisher of Angry Birds on the iDevices.

    The deal reportedly ...
  2. Glasses-Less 3D GUI Coming to Android Phones, 3DS

    Ok, I know the 3DS thing is a given. I mean, if developers can't figure out a way to make use of the 3D capabilities of the 3DS in a meaningful way, I guess they would at least default to the HUD and Menu's. But this 3D on phones thing is special.

    ScaleForm, makers of the GUI's you see in various games from Mass Effect 2 to Mod Nation Racers, have recently been developing a new 3D GUI to be used with autostereoscopic 3D displays. While the conformation of support of ...

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