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29-04-19, 08:46
Hardware Flashback - (00:00)
Dinosaur Pie - (25:36)
Guinness Gaming Records - (1:36:11)
Merman: Welcome To Paradise - (1:38:35)
Top Ten Alien Invasion Games - (1:43:43)
Gaming Trivia - (3:04:49)
Desert Planet: Breakout Button - (3:05:32)
Modern Gaming Roundup - (3:09:34)
Live News And Listener Views - (3:13:31)
Random Questions - (5:32:06)
URLs And EMails - (5:34:16)

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09-05-19, 10:13
Some interesting stuff this time about SoCal and his cohorts. Do you think he was genuine to begin with, but that after he tried to sneak his way past the gatekeepers, so to speak (the fake prototype at the Toy Fair, etc.), it then turned into a scam? I just wonder if he thought that at the end of everything, he would have a genuine Chameleon console to sell, and that the fake protos, etc. would be worth it in the end.
Or was it a scam from the very beginning?
I've been wondering about this for years.

09-05-19, 01:41
A genuine desire to produce a console that turned to the dark side when an initial cost and time period was quoted.

After that it became continuous 3D renders, false information, lies and fakes to get crowd funded.

The money would then be used to develop a console, produce it, ship it and prop up GameGavel, Retro Magazine and whatever else came next.


10-05-19, 07:57
I see. Thanks. It's too bad he didn't say, "Well, it's not time for a console right now, then," when that fork in the road was reached.
In case you're still curious, the Arcadia Supercharger (later rechristened the Starpath Supercharger, when Arcadia had to change its name to, well, Starpath) tacked another 6 kilobytes of RAM onto the VCS's usual 128 bytes. In other words, it increased the available RAM by a factor of nearly fifty.
The games could also use more data storage than the standard cartridge's 4 or 8 KB, because of the ability to load more than once from a cassette. If you didn't mind waiting, a huge Level 2 could be loaded when you've beat the huge Level 1 -- that sort of thing.

There were ten games released for the device, including the pack-in, a Star Raiders-type game called Phaser Patrol.

In the late '90s, a small company called CyberPunks released all of the Supercharger games on an audio CD, meaning that you still needed a Supercharger to read the modem signals, but at least you could play them from a CD player instead of a tape drive. My buddy Adam (BallyAlley) has the CD, which contains some bonus CD-ROM content for PCs. We once spent an afternoon going through all the games. There's some great stuff in there, even though most of them are arcade rip-offs. Anyway, the collection's called Stella Gets a New Brain.

(Incidentally, I wrote a funny game that combined certain VCS games to see what would happen -- Pitfall Harry dealing with the dragons from Adventure, etc. -- for the Commodore 64. It's in the current GameBase for some reason. It's called Stella Gets a Lobotomy.) :D

10-05-19, 10:26
Thanks for the extra info.

I'll check out your combo game and give it an awful review. :)

14-05-19, 08:58
Fair enough! As long as you're aware that it probably won't fit into a Jaguar mold. :D