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28-02-19, 08:54
What Is Retro Editorial - (00:00)
Hardware Flashback - (1:24:07)
Guinness Gaming Records - (1:50:31)
Dinosaur Pie - (1:51:52)
Earth Wii And Fire: September - (2:46:49)
Listener Submissions - (2:49:09)
Retrospective - (3:00:07)
Top Ten GameBoy Advance Games - (3:39:20)
Gaming Trivia - (5:22:54)
Fleeting Ecstasy: Super Mario 64 - (5:23:21)
Live News And Listener Views - (5:28:39)
URLs And EMails - (7:30:40)

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01-03-19, 01:30
Great celebration of the show! Also the audio snippet of me shows why I am a blogger and not in podcasts or radio, lol

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04-03-19, 10:34
Enjoying this one gents, just got to the end of the Top 10. Nice to see Tony Hawk pro skater get a mention, loved that game, just a shame there was no back light at the beginning with the GBA, I felt screwed over not having a lit screen and never really got into the console after my initial purchase.

Cool to hear the retrospective chat, loads of memories from the last 10 years.

Awesome show as always. :)

05-03-19, 09:55

Some podcatchers seem to have missed it as I released 2 shows on the same day.

I presume its the app setting to download the latest show only.

Mine worked. :)