View Full Version : RoundUp 124 - Millennial Hacker

30-12-17, 03:58
Hardware Flashback - (00:00)
Dinosaur Pie - (28:00)
Guinness Gaming Records - (1:30:58)
The Piranhas: Space Invaders - (1:33:24)
Top Ten Games On Failed Systems - (1:37:21)
Gaming Trivia - (3:32:30)
Pinball Album: Black Knight 2000 - (3:32:58)
Live News And Listener Views - (3:36:02)
URLs And EMails - (5:43:21)

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05-01-18, 07:47
Any chance we can start seeing links to things that are talked about in HW flashback and Dinosaur Pie in the show notes page?
I'm quite often nowhere near a computer when I'm listening and by the time I am I can't remember what some of the things were that I want to check out.

Happy new year everyone!

07-01-18, 02:46
I do provide links in those segment when links are mentioned specifically, but I don't for example find a link to every game Simon mentions.

I would need a secretary to do that.

18-01-18, 10:34
Have you guys done a top ten bootleg games yet? Unofficial ports/remakes for old consoles, like somari for example?

18-01-18, 01:05

No, but we have talked about doing it.

I'm sure we'll get to it.