View Full Version : RoundUp 117 - Liquidating Her Stuff

02-06-17, 09:24
Hardware Flashback - (00:00)
Dinosaur Pie - (21:21)
Guinness Gaming Records - (1:00:01)
Jet Set Willy: Commodore 64 - (1:02:13)
Top Ten BBC Micro Games - (1:05:07)
Gaming Trivia - (2:29:35)
BBC Micro Review - (2:31:13)
The British IBM: The British IBM - (2:47:21)
Live News And Listener Views - (2:52:43)
URLs And EMails - (4:39:51)

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02-06-17, 08:14
Pulling it down now, will give it a listen while working on the next few chapters of History of Trek Games book. Looking forward to listening to the top ten as I am not very familiar with the BBC Micro. I had to miss live news due to work, but I am changing shifts to a 3 AM to 11 AM shift, so I think I will likely make most of them from this point onward.

03-06-17, 03:33
It was good to hear U.K. Mike do his own segment again. It was funny how you were able to convince your Dad about what computer you wanted. Back in '84 I just wanted any computer. I ended up getting a basic CoCo. It kind of sucked but I was happy to have something.

04-06-17, 12:00
Haha yeah but that old one sounds so amateurish.

05-06-17, 10:31
Haha yeah but that old one sounds so amateurish.

I liked how every sentence sounded like you were so desperate to put your point across, like you were fighting a losing battle.

Grate show though :-)