View Full Version : RoundUp 116 - The Tricky Third Slot

03-05-17, 01:35
Hardware Flashback - (00:00)
Dinosaur Pie - (30:52)
Guinness Gaming Records - (1:34:30)
Chris Huelsbeck: Apidya Soundtrack - (1:37:14)
Top Ten Bug Games - (1:44:38)
Gaming Trivia - (3:18:57)
Tony NYC: CentiMillipede - (3:20:35)
All Aboard The Ali Express - (3:22:14)
Live News And Listener Views - (3:30:26)
URLs And EMails - (5:28:41)

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15-05-17, 08:28
A quick correction from Live News, the recently free version of Starcraft does NOT require steam to play.

22-05-17, 07:55
Holy balls! Just got to the top 10 and UK Mike just pulled out one of my all time top games from the Amiga days! Apidya! It truly is a stunning and very stable game! And who doesn't like the sound of piloting a giant attack wasp. (Uk Mike is right, it's not a bee, it's definatley a wasp!) I also love SilkWorm that UK Mike is talking about!

wait... i'm listening as a type and UK Mike just said put it in #7! WTF UK MIKE! It's a top 5!

Sounds like Scott likes it...

24-05-17, 09:38
I was also glad to hear Random Dave submit 'Ant Attack' - The game didn;t seem to go down to well with the guys but it's a great looking game. I tried to play it on my original cassette (Which i managed to get signed at the first revival after a QnA with Sandy White) However it was way to difficult for me to really understand what the hell i was supposed to be doing. still, i thought it was a cool looking game and apparently it's the first game in hostory to offer the player the oppertunity to swap gener at the start? I knew you had the option of being a boy or girl but had no idea it was the first game to do this?