View Full Version : RoundUp 114 - Switch Special

10-03-17, 03:54
SparklePuss got his hands on one, what do we think?

Nintendo Switch Hands On - (00:00)

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11-03-17, 07:56
Should be interesting. I kinda want one, but cannot justify a 300 dollar purchase for the console, 60 for a game (for me, the only two good launch games are Zelda and Isaac), than INSANE accessory prices. Also, Nintendo is releasing a console that you can more or less make yourself, it's a tablet with a controller, and a special dock to enable HDMI output instead of just.....the usual Micro HDMI port.

I guess I better download and listen and see what your thoughts were.

12-03-17, 12:23
If you want Binding Of Isaac it's just Atic Atac from the Sinclair Spectrum. Play that.

12-03-17, 10:02
Wow, everyone's being so dismissive about Binding of Isaac. Here because it's similar to another game, and on the episode simply because of the title. It's a really fantastic game worth picking up, and has received praise on all the other systems it's been released on. Probably one of my favorite "indie" titles from the current generation.

12-03-17, 11:21
Agreed Burgertime. I own the game and every expansion for it on Steam (both versions) and also bought it for 3DS. It's an exceptional dungeon crawler, and the randomization plus the huge amount of collectable items makes it never get old. It's one of my favorite titles on Steam.

Here's some proof of how much I love this game, the new version I have 188 hours logged into it on Steam: http://imgur.com/Pc33B36

14-03-17, 08:47
If you want Binding Of Isaac it's just Atic Atac from the Sinclair Spectrum. Play that.

Loaded up Atic Atac. There are similarities to the gameplay, but I wouldn't say its the same game. Atic Atac can be beaten in under 10 minutes, and items and character modifiers are limited. Isaac has over 200 items that can modify gameplay (and directly modify your character as well). If anything, I would say Isaac SIGNIFICANTLY expanded the idea of Atic Atac.

22-03-17, 10:43
The Switch Special left me fairly triggered.

First of all, its not cheaply made, it doesn't feel cheap in your hand. The dock could have a little more weight to it but its fine. Its still the launch window, there wont be much to play at first. Give it some time. Nintendo is doing an experiment here and its seems to have paid off.

They just doubled production from 8 to 16 million and i'm sure resources will be diverted from the DS to Switch which means more games.

Scott is convinced its more of the same, and to a degree it is. But all video games are essentially sitting on your ass pushing buttons.

Nintendo lost to dickhead motion controls, they fixed the second screen range issue, and it uses carts. I am willing to be optimistic about this system. Its looking good from what i can see. Slow to start, but look at what the PS3 and 3DS did with crap launches.