View Full Version : Who is buying one?

17-01-17, 01:43
Pricing is announced and the whole Internet says it's too expensive.

has it put people off or are you still buying one?

17-01-17, 08:57
Do you know what? I'm a Nintendo fanboy and I've purchased pretty much every Nintendo home console since the NES and most of the portable consoles also, but I think I am going to give this one a miss. I think they have just missed the mark on it by targetting this hybrid home/portable market which I don't think exists. Maybe if the price was a bit lower it would make it some sort of impulse purchase.......

I may be swayed by future releases / price drops, I may be wrong and it takes off like a rocket, but at the moment it's a no from me.

18-01-17, 07:23
I want to.....I really do.....but 300 seems a bit much. I prolly will bite the bullet on a used one around 250 though.

However, those accessory prices are insane. I like my Nintendo consoles, but 80 bucks for a controller is outragous.

19-01-17, 02:33
Nope :P

19-01-17, 10:08
I have never bought a console at launch, but I may with the Switch. But I haven't pre-ordered yet and currently all the US pre-orders are sold out.

I am looking forward to Zelda, Arms, Snipperclips, and Puyo Puyo Tetris.

With Mario coming out for the Holiday season there is bound to be some sort of bundle or price drop.

19-01-17, 10:20
I am not as thrilled with the online subscription. I am curious to know more details of that and how the virtual console will work.

20-01-17, 01:23
It's odd to change to a paid online service but their competitors do it and people have paid for that for years.

I won't be buying one though, certainly not at launch.

Puyo Puyo Tetris is cool though.

20-01-17, 01:52
My guess is that some of the pre-orders are eBay scalpers. I am not sure it will work for them, though, like it did for the NES Mini. The retail Switch price is already too high for many consumers.

Edit: Just checked ebay. Switches are listed at $500 (buy it now). That is a dick move. Put it at $300 and let people bid it up if they want.