View Full Version : RoundUp 110 - In The Spirit Of Christmas

24-12-16, 12:36
Just in time for Christmas, here is our gift to you.

Oh, and the little baby Jeezuz.

Hardware Flashback - (00:00)
Dinosaur Pie - (29:45)
Guinness Gaming Records - (1:21:07)
Electric Dragon: Dark City - (1:23:19)
Brett Weiss Interview - (1:28:15)
Top Ten Game Consoles - (2:56:10)
Gaming Trivia - (5:07:27)
SoCal Mike: Christmas Rap - (5:07:54)
All Aboard The Ali Express - (5:09:47)
Live News And Listener Views - (5:20:46)
URLs And EMails - (7:04:47)

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Piff Merkin
24-12-16, 08:34
Thank you for posting this in time for Christmas! It has become a tradition at the Merkin house.

25-12-16, 09:28
Looks like a good show! Shocked that Pong got the win as top console, as I never considered them consoles, as many that came out that did the same thing. Glad my beloved NES had a good showing.

Sent from my R1 HD using Tapatalk

04-03-17, 12:15
As i was saying.

I literally cant even.

How can the TG16 not be in the top 10? Lets do a rundown shall we?

The TG16 was the most powerful console when released. 8bit CPU and 16 GPU. Launched in 1987 this sucker was ahead of its time.

The library of this system is exemplary. Very few bad games and many many gems populate the library of the PC engine. Hudson/Red were the DICE or Blizzard of their day. Putting out high quality game after high quality game. Yet know one knew who they were. Japan was at their peak in the late 80s/early 90s in game design and Hudson/Red was leading the charge right behind Nintendo.

The PC engine was the first console to have a CD addon. Released one year after the launch was again, cutting edge. 1988 people! PC's didn't use CD's for another 5 years. So much for the PC master race.

Cross platform compatibility. The Turbo Express was a marvel. Not only did it play the TG games, a TV tuner was also available. So after playing a couple games of Legendary Axe (also booted out of a top 10 btw) you could tune your TG and watch Home Improvement or BTAS. O..M..G What i wouldn't give to be able to do that in 1993. But alas, all i owned was the base console.

Which brings me to my final point.

Scott mentioned that the TG16 was an (aficionados console). And he is correct. I have great taste and was an aficionado even back then :P. I owned this console as a kid and knew it was great. Solid frame rates, bright colors, no flicker. JDM as fuck yo, library. I can still remember playing a game of World Class Baseball before bedtime and packing it back in the box so it wouldn't get dusty.

I look forward to the revisiting of this mishap and correction in a future episode. In closing this console was the CRX SiR of its day. Affordable, lightweight yet powerful, underrated and punching well above its weight. The affordable exotic that made even Ferrari sit up and say, OH! we better get our shit together. Japan isnt fucking around.

P.S. I'm still listening. In my moms basement. Collecting Neet bux, Thanks fam.

Drunken Blackzc out.