View Full Version : Intellivisionaries Episode 27 is up!

27-05-16, 07:47
Episode 27 is up! No game review, but plenty of entertaining content. Special guest host "Cmart" (Christian Martin) joins us this time around. There's expo talk, an Ultimate Flashback review, Coleco reproduction box set review, a Mattel/consumer catalog segment ("Collecting With Cmart"), Feedback, News and George. Oh, and Rick is tooling about town on a Penny-Farthing bicycle for some reason.

BIG thanks to Benjamin "Vipp" Stirling (aka "George") and Shaun Holley (https://www.facebook.com/shaun.holley1) for the 'Rick on a Penny' artwork!



31-05-16, 11:34
Mate this episode is hilarious! Can I get one of those bejazzled inty flashbacks rick has?

01-06-16, 09:24
Out of his cold dead hands is probably the only way ... unless his aunt Linda feels like bedazzling another?

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