View Full Version : EUROPEAN Wii U and 3DS Humble Bundle!

27-04-16, 10:52
Nintendo has done it for the rest of us. Any not living in the US of A or Japan can buy this bundle, if i had more time i'd compare the games in this bundle and the games our American friends were able to buy then i'd rip Nintendo a new arehole for skimping out on us... but i don;t have time so grab your games here, donate to good causes and enjoy your 3DS and Wii U! ! :)


01-05-16, 10:16
Maybe I'm just lucky but these were all in my wishlist, Shantae, Citizens of Earth, Super Street Fighter. Just got the whole lot.
As far as Darksiders is concerned, it's one of those games I would never buy so I'm happy I was "forced" into it.
What's the US collection like?

01-05-16, 09:11
I can't play that street fighter game mate, it's so difficult! also i don;t have a Wii U but if/when i get the bundle i will dontate my usual $20 so i will recieve it anyway. My beef with Nintendo is this... Darksiders has been given away on the usualy platforms (steam ect) since for ever - there was a point recently where if you sneezed you could have a darksiders 2 game code for steam... so that's just meh... Citizens of earth is an RPG so im bias as i think they suck like a whore looking for a big tip but also it just looks like a second rate game.... that rythym thief game... well Chalk Salad you should know what to expect from a game which has more 'paid for reviews saying its 9/10 or 10/10) than actual game footage... i counted less than 5 seconds of game footage per game review telling you to by it... and it looks terrible... and sega made it so that's not great and i adore sega...

basically most of the games look dull/cheap or generally they are avalible most places for free and have been for a while (if you know where to buy your game codes in bulk) Shante looks great but that's the only game i'd buy the bundle for really. retro city rampage looks okay but i think it would get boring...fast...

so the USA bundle got these games (which i think were generally better)

BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
Gunman Clive
SteamWorld Dig
Stealth Inc 2
Moon Chronicles Episode 1
The Fall
Mighty Switch Force!
Woah Dave!
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

See in that list you have TONS of very good, high quality, not widly spread over steam and so on games that puts the european bundle to shame... it's not even close to the quality of the usa bundle mate.... We got a bundle but it's just...okay.... in my humble opinion.

Also mate it's great to see your on the forum again, i hope life is treating you well!

09-05-16, 09:16
I see your point but I guess I'm just lucky. Between me and the kids, all the games, including a couple of new ones, will find a nice home on my 3DS/Wii U.
It's great to be back on the Forums, not that I've been away just not active. I always stay in touch through the podcast.

10-05-16, 03:07
Vipp, I have heard good things about Rhythm Thief, but I haven't played it for myself yet. So it may be over-hyped. However, prices on the physical game cart sell for around $40 bucks (used), and it would probably be more if there was no digital download alternative. So it is nice to have a cheap way of obtaining it.

11-05-16, 09:44
I completely understand guys, in the end I got the bundle and I'm half way into Shante and the pirates curse and loving it. It's like Sonic and metal slug were put in a blender. Bundles are great for the gaming market and especially they are great for the thousands of kids across the world with parents on very low incomes so I'd rather see the bundle we have than nothing at all. Nintendo just don't seem to have a grasp on their world markets - they're good but could be better.

Did you guys see that Capcom bundle! We should all get the lost planet game and have Willy start a steam group! Let's fight giant monsters together.