View Full Version : Xbox 360 discontinued

21-04-16, 08:23
So, they stopped making the 360.

Anybody care?

There hasn't been a console I care less about.

21-04-16, 03:29
I'm surprised they didn't keep it as a budget console. The NES ended its life as a 50 dollar machine, yet 360 ended at a still kinda high 199.

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22-04-16, 02:17
I'm honestly surprised it has lasted this long into the Xbox One's life cycle, considering how fast they dropped the original Xbox out of the market.
I got one for $199 and through the 6 months after grabbed about 40 games on it. Most of them being exclusives. The exception being Prey, because I love that game. Don't think I spent over $20 for any of them. Some were even $5-10.

22-04-16, 04:49
Doesn't matter....cause...progress....it's not needed anymore. :)