View Full Version : Roundup 101 - The Wanderer Returns

03-04-16, 05:47
Damn it, feel for it.

I actually thought the Elder Statesman was going to be a guest.

03-04-16, 07:52
They're both being very quiet right now.

Really, part of me expected a half hour to hour long show with the usual segments, but Chameleon based. Hardware flashback with Scott talking about the power of the system, using both the snes board and a capture card piggybacking them for maximum performance. UK Mike doing a few "did you know facts" on it. Simon announcing he will be developing for the system. Finally, a heavily edited and censored "live news" to close the show.

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04-04-16, 10:12
Sadly being that i live in the UK i knew it was an April Fools joke (for some reason even massive companies get in on April 1st jokes in the UK?) but i had to listen anyway just to hear any jokes they might have thrown out...